Sunday, August 01, 2004

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Friday, July 30, 2004

Sex Party Sex story

Chapter 4

Grace and Marie

One night, while John looked out the window to Grace for consolation, he
noticed she had a visitor. It was her nextdoor neighbor, a woman in her
early 70's. He often saw Marie in the dining room and remembered her as
attractive and friendly. Grace sat near Marie on the sofa, both obviously
enjoying each other's company. There was a lot of laughing and touching.
After an hour passed, he noticed that the mood of the living room had
changed. Grace rose and dimmed the lights slightly. She also went into
her bedroom and turned on the bedside lamp returning to the living room to
sit near her neighbor, Marie. The mood change also showed in Marie's
actions. Marie felt her breasts frequently, as if the discussion dealt
with an operation, or the purchase of a new bra. In any case, it was a
breast related conversation. Then Grace moved closer to Marie, felt her
breasts fully with both hands, and, as with one movement, removed Marie's
blouse. She examined the bra momentarily and then slid it over Marie's
head. John couldn't believe what he saw.

Suddenly, before him, sat Marie exposing two large, beautiful, and firm
breasts. The brown nipples beckoned to John for attention. Their actions
went further. Marie took Grace's hands, placed them on her breasts, and
lay back on the sofa in evident enjoyment of the moment. Grace massaged
Marie's breasts gently and kissed them tenderly. Next, she removed her own
blouse and bra, sat facing Marie, rubbing her breast nipples over Marie's.
At one point, she raised, turned her head slightly toward John's window and
smiled. It was her signal to John to enjoy the proceedings. John's heart
raced with excitement. He removed his pajamas and stood naked in the
window straining to take in every movement, every touch, every nuance of
this lovemaking. His prostate worked overtime, dripping from the tip of
the penis into his hand. He caught it and tasted his wetness and pretended
he was with Grace and Marie in their moment of ecstasy. This had to do for
now. Now Grace stood and slid Marie's slacks and panties off. Marie
raised her buttocks slightly to assist Grace. Marie now lay totally naked,
her gray pubic hairs glistening in the dim light. She was a slight woman,
too. A slightly protruding stomach was all that revealed her age. Her
breasts, however, were her prominent feature. Well endowed is how one
could describe them. Grace's lovemaking moved slowly from the breasts,
over her slightly protruding stomach to Marie's vagina. Grace obviously
took particular care to keep her head from blocking John's view of the
proceedings. He could see her tongue slide over the tips of Marie's
breasts, down over her stomach, and into Marie's vagina. This gently
probing continued for several minutes. The look on Marie's face reflected
her joy and she motioned for Grace to remove her own clothes. Grace
removed her slacks, panties, and shoes after which Marie's head rose from
the headrest of the sofa and kissed Grace's vagina. John witnessed a
glorious profile of Marie's tongue massaging the hairs and vulva of Grace.
Grace's buttocks and breast completed that profile as she drew her head
back and extended her stomach and vagina forward for Marie's tongue to
enter her now wet and hot cunt. Both Marie and Grace stood now, embraced,
and walked into the bedroom.

Their disappearance from the living room gave John pause to light the
bathroom light. As before, the dim light would allow Grace to experience
his pleasure. The bedroom scene was even more exciting. Grace and Marie
began their lovemaking intertwined in a close embrace. Their faces and
tongues met while Grace's right leg lay between Marie's legs. John could
see Grace's thigh massaging Marie's vagina as they kissed deeply. This
went on for several minutes. Then they separated. Up till now, Grace
seemed to be the aggressor. The roles, however, changed. Marie, the
slighter of the two, rose up over Grace and began a tongue massage. She
began with Grace's forehead and eyes. Her kisses moved down to the mouth
where they momentarily kissed and tongued. The gentle kissing moved to
Grace's breasts. She paid close attention to Grace's nipples. As she did,
Grace's hands fondled Marie's breasts and her own clitoris. Marie
continued her downward movement across Grace's stomach to the hairs of her
vagina. She lingered there lovingly but continued her descent to Grace's
inner thighs, legs, and feet, taking each of Grace's toes into her mouth.
She reversed her procedure now and returned to Grace's vagina and pubic
hairs. She slid a pillow under Grace's buttocks and proceeded to penetrate
her vagina with a combination of gentle to violent thrusts of her tongue.
The look on Grace's face showed nothing but joy. She lay, too, in a
position where she could take in John's window. John realized this and
stood naked with his hard cock silhouetted against the dim background light
coming from the bathroom. From John's vantage point, too, Marie was
spreadeagled on her stomach. Her legs were spread wide, and, as she
thrust her tongue into Grace's cunt, her buttocks and vagina responded to
the pressure of the mattress. The dim light of the bedroom illuminated her
wetness for John and John could only think of how lovely it would be if he
could penetrate her wet and hot cunt from behind. Grace motioned to Marie
for an exchange of roles. It was now Marie's turn to lay back and enjoy
Grace's tongue massage. When Grace finished, they turned to a sixtynine
position and concentrated on each other's clitoris. John felt their
excitement. He could almost smell the sexuality oozing from the pair. He
ached to be with them, tasting their juices and loving their bodies. His
memories of his wife Marcie returned and he saw each as Marcie, loving,
hot, passionate. The bed scene became more and more agitated now. John
could sense that Grace and Marie were near a climax. Their buttocks
gyrated and responded to each thrust of the tongue. The movements came
quicker until they both came in tandem. He could feel the exhilaration of
the moment. He felt the tension ease; he felt the peace; he felt the joy.

They relaxed now and Grace turned to the window to see John. John's
orgasm neared. His testicles ached with excitement. He let his dick arch
outward so that Grace could observe the fullness of his shaft. Then he
came in hot spurts. He continued massaging his dick for several minutes in
what seemed to be an endless orgasm after which he lay on the bed and fell
fast asleep.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

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Sex Party Sex picture

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sex Party Sex story


By Videll Dais

Chapter 3 Anna the maid's Tale

My life so far has not been an entirely happy one. When my father died
on the Normandy beaches I was coming up to eleven. My sister, Katy, was a
year younger. Whereas Katy was slight of form and had the long blonde hair
I always wanted I, on the other hand, was of a more curvaceous build (more
womanly, Mother would oft say), my hair quite dark, almost black. Apart
from our obvious physical differences, in other ways we were very alike and
exceptionally close, even more so since father had passed on. Mother found
it really hard bringing us up alone. I think that's why she let Mr. Hobbs
move in with us so soon after father's passing. My sister and I protested
vehemently, but mother said there was a terrible war on, the world was a
cruel, harsh place to be alone in, and we really needed him. Besides, she
said, he was a good man and would look after us just like father used to
do. I never believed that for one second and it wasn't long before my fears
were realized in the worst way possible. Mr. Hobbs did not treat mother
well. We would hear strange noises coming from their room at night. My
mother often used to cry out as though in pain. Katy and me would get very
upset listening to it and cry a lot. One night I went into their room to
tell Mr. Hobbs to stop hurting mother. I was shocked to find mother
completely naked, face down over the edge of the bed. Mr. Hobbs, also
naked, was standing close behind her, his hands holding her hips,
vigorously rocking her back and forth. I yelled at him to stop and mother
screamed at me to get out of her room. I didn't understand what was going
on and cried for most of the night. Later, she explained to me that men
had certain needs that a wife was duty bound to take care of and that I
wasn't to worry or concern myself in any way over what I had witnessed. No
matter how it may have appeared to my innocent eyes, Mr. Hobbs hadn't, in
fact, been hurting her but actually had been making her feel really good,
very excited, and that's why she cried out sometimes. It was all big
mystery to me. For a while, I remained baffled by it all. Mr. Hobbs
turned out to be a lazy oaf. He made mother take a job cleaning five days
a week at Berkley House while he stayed at home complaining of ill health
and 'to look after us girls' as he put it. In reality, all he did was
drink, sleep and make my sister and I do all the chores. Mother wasn't too
happy with the situation, but had little choice in the matter if we were to
keep food on the table. For reasons I could never quite fathom, Katy's
attitude to our new 'stepfather' quickly changed from open hostility to
something resembling...well, fondness; even devotion would not be a too
stronger word. Within a period of just a few short weeks she actually
became defensive of him, was always doing little favors, and secretly
laughing and joking around with him. Though we were close and normally
would never have disagreed, Katy and I began to argue over Mr. Hobbs. If
I said he was horrible, she would say I was wrong and that she found him
rather nice and fun to be around. "You're being very snobbish, Anna," she
would say. "Mummy likes him. You just have to give him a chance." I was
dumbstruck as well as baffled. Often I was forced to chide her for being
over familiar with him, but she never took any notice and continued her
outrageous behavior regardless. I used to get quite angry with her at
times. One morning, I heard giggling as I was passing the kitchen door. I
looked in and saw Katy sitting astride Mr. Hobbs' knees, her legs
widespread. He was whispering in her ear, grinning, his hand slowly moving
about under her nightdress, which had become bunched up around the tops of
her bare thighs. She was wriggling her bottom and seemed to be enjoying
herself immensely. The way she carelessly draped her legs, I could quite
plainly see that my naughty ten-year-old sister was not wearing any
knickers and Mr. Hobbs' fingers were right on her mound and split. How
could she allow that awful man to touch her like that? Totally shocked, I
slipped away without being noticed. We never kept any secrets from each
other and, later, I told her what I had witnessed in the kitchen that
morning. I asked her what he had been doing to her. "Nothing," she'd
replied, blushing furiously and avoiding eye contact. "He was just playing
a silly tickling game with me that's all. It was fun." I thought my sister
was lying to me but did not challenge her about it. I preferred instead to
wait and see what developed. I worried for Katy and the way things were
going. I was tempted to voice my fears to mother, but I knew she would be
upset. She had enough on her plate all ready and I had no wish to cause
her further unnecessary angst. In retrospect, this was possibly the most
stupid decision I could ever have made. Things took a decided turn for the
worst three months before my twelfth birthday. Katy and I came home from
school just after 3:30. As usual, Mother was at work and Mr. Hobbs was in
the lounge, feet up, reading a book. He told Katy to go tidy her room and
me to make him some tea after which I was to prepare dinner. I did as I
was told and within ten minutes took Mr. Hobbs in a steaming cup of tea.
"Thank you, Anna," he said, as I handed the cup to him. I turned to go
back to the kitchen. "Wait, Anna. Don't rush off just yet. Come here. I
want to talk to you." Again, I stood in front of him. "What is it, Mr.
Hobbs?" "You don't seem to like me," Mr. Hobbs said. "I wondered why."
Not expecting to be asked such a forthright question, I was immediately
stuck for words, could feel my cheeks flush hotly. "You can tell me, Anna.
There's no need to be afraid." Mr. Hobbs leaned forwards, elbows on his
knees, big hands cupped around the teacup. His gray eyes were as dark as a
stormy sea and seemed to stare right through me. "Katy and I have lots of
fun and get on together very well, but you seem to have a chip on your
shoulder. You are taciturn, bad tempered for most of the time, and very
standoffish. Why is that? Why don't you like me?" "Because," I blurted
out, "I don't think you should be playing those strange games with Katy and
you keep hurting mummy." Much to my surprise, Mr. Hobbs laughed. "I
suppose," he said, "you're referring to the other night when you
unexpectedly entered our room." "Yes. It was horrible." Chuckling, Mr.
Hobbs placed his now empty cup on the occasional table beside his armchair.
"Dear Anna," he said, intently looking at me again. "You may have an old
head on young shoulders, but there's much you still don't understand. You
need to learn some important lessons before you jump to such hasty
conclusions about what constitutes pain and hurting. Come here and sit on
my knee." I took a step back. "No - I don't want to." "Why not? Katy
does." I huffed with disapproval. "Yes, well, I'm not Katy." "I thought
you were more grown up than that, Anna," Mr. Hobbs said, disappointedly,
his voice soft, soothing. "No matter what you think, I would never hurt
your mum. Or you. Or Katy. I can prove it, too. I can teach you about
things if you want, if you're willing to learn. I'll help you to
understand more about what happens between you're mother and me, what
happens when a man and a woman love each other. Aren't you curious?
Wouldn't you like to discover some new things about yourself, your body;
about love and life?" I didn't answer. The things he said, though, the
patient, gentle way he was speaking, caught my ear. He began suddenly to
appear nicer. I don't know why but, as I listened to him, I began to feel
doubt, a sort of guilt, about my judgment of him. Maybe I'd been wrong
about Mr. Hobbs all along, wrong about the things he did with Katy, the
way he treated mother. "Anna, are you going to sit on my lap for a
minute?" I still wasn't sure. I shook my head, a hesitant no. Faster than
I ever thought possible, Mr. Hobbs suddenly reached out and grabbed my
wrist. "Come here," he said, and yanked me between his legs. I tried to
pull away. "No!" I yelled. "Let me go!" "You're a wild one aren't you? I
can see I'll have to tame that temper of yours." Mr. Hobbs was far bigger
and stronger than me. Struggle as I did, I was helpless. He gripped my
waist. Turning me, he quickly lifted me up and quite unceremoniously
plonked me down astride his legs. "Now, sit there and behave yourself," he
snapped, his voice harsher, back to its old nasty, domineering tone. His
arm tightened and, squeezing me close to him, he made me lay back against
him. "Don't make me angry, Anna," he said, breathing hotly in my ear, "or
you'll know more than you ever want to about pain." Breathless, heart
pounding, a kind of paralysis gripped me. Not knowing what to expect but
having no doubt he would hurt me if I disobeyed him, I kept quite still. I
think it was at that moment I became truly afraid of Mr. Hobbs. He folded
both his thick arms around me, pressed his cheek close, and sniffed my
hair. "Mmm, you smell so nice, Anna. Clean, fresh. Sometimes your
mother's hair smells of dust and furniture polish. I like yours better. I
like you sitting on my lap, too; much more friendly." As he spoke, I felt
him move his big hands over me and a nervous tremble shook my body. "You
feel so soft, Anna, cuddly. That's nice. It won't be long before you're
fully grown; a woman." His hands moved over my shoulders, down my arms,
then on to my thighs. I was wearing my school pinafore and felt the heat
of his touch through the skirt just above my knees. "I...I have to start
getting dinner ready," I stammered, my voice barely above a whisper.
"There's no rush," Mr. Hobbs said, "it's only four-fifteen. Let me see
your legs." I felt his hands pull my skirt up over my knees. I reached to
stop him, to protest. My knees instinctively drew together, but he quickly
brought up his own effectively holding mine apart. He pulled my skirt up
almost all the way to my knickers. I felt totally humiliated.
Embarrent and anger washed over me. "Remember what I said, Anna: Don't
invoke my anger." With this, using the thick thumbs and fingers of both
hands, he painfully pinched hard the soft flesh just behind my knees. It
hurt so much I yelped. Tears of pain filled my eyes. How could he be so
cruel, so horrible? Mr. Hobbs chuckled, obviously enjoying himself.
"There. See what I mean?" His hands gently rubbed the injured areas then
moved higher on the tender insides of my thighs. I thought he was going to
pinch me there as well, but he just rubbed, slowly, softly. "That was
pain, Anna. If you don't want more of the same do as you're told and be
nice. Now - are you going to be friendly?" "No, you hurt me," I said,
defiantly. "You hurt me and you're nasty." "Right, my girl, it seems you
have further lessons to learn." Mr. Hobbs roughly pulled me about, turning
me again like a rag doll, jerking me across him so my hands and feet
touched the floor either side of his legs. I felt him tug my skirt right
up my back and quickly yank my knickers half way down my legs. I
ineffectively yelled my protestations. I felt his hand on my bare bottom.
"Don't! Stop it! Leave me alone," I cried, indignantly. I kicked and
wriggled as much as I could, but he held me in place with just one strong
arm. As I struggled I felt a hard lump under my belly, something hidden in
his lap. "Let me go! I'm telling mother about you; how utterly awful you
are." "Shut up and keep still or I'll really get angry," Mr. Hobbs said.
His hands squeezed the tops of my legs, then each cheek of my bottom, his
thick fingers digging right in between the cleft. "You have such a nice
bum, Anna, a lovely bum, in fact." He pulled the cheeks of my bottom wide
apart and I knew he could see all my privates. "Stop it! Don't do that!"
Mr. Hobbs laughed. "I'll do what I like young lady," he said. I gasped
as I felt one of his fingers probe between my kicking legs and actually
touch my cunny. He rubbed me slowly, up and down from front to back,
tickling me right there in my private place. I clenched my fists and beat
them hard against the carpet. I was so furious, so embarrassed. The
uncomfortable lump under my writhing belly seemed to grow larger. I
screamed, "I'm telling! I'm telling!" "You won't tell anybody anything,"
Mr. Hobbs spat. "You will learn to do what you're told, though, and do it
straight away without backchat or argument. And if you have to learn the
hard way so be it." Then he began to spank me. Hard. The flat of his hand
slapped down on my wobbling bottom at least a half dozen times. I
shuddered, screamed in shock and pain, but the cruel beast would not let
up. I don't know how long it went on. When he finally stopped, my bottom
stung, felt red raw, and I sobbed heartfelt tears. "There, there," Mr.
Hobbs whispered, his hands moving lightly now over my bare back and lower
down around the tops of my legs, feather light touches that avoided my
stinging bottom. "Stop crying. It's over. Now, hopefully you'll be more
amenable and allow me to make it all better for you. I'm sorry it was
necessary to do that, Anna, but I will not tolerate disobedience, rudeness
or bad behavior. I didn't want to spank you. I'd much rather you learn
your lessons the nice way: painlessly and as a friend. Perhaps we can move
our relationship a step forwards from here on. Now, stand up." Wincing,
hurriedly brushing the tears from my flushed cheeks, I did as he told me,
relieved that my skirt once more restored my dignity and covered my bare
flesh. I felt my knickers slipping to my ankles and made a feeble attempt
to retrieve them. "No," Mr. Hobbs said. "Step out of them. Leave them
off. Kneel in the chair, you're back to me." I knelt on the deep cushion,
gripping the padded back of the chair with trembling hands. What was he
going to do now - spank me again? "Lean over further, Anna. Raise your
bottom higher." "Please, Mr. Hobbs," I begged, almost bursting into tears.
"Don't spank me again. I'll be good. I really will." "Do as I ask." I
obeyed and was aware of Mr. Hobbs moving behind me. I felt him raise my
skirt once more and tuck it above my waist. The air felt cool on my
smarting bottom. I flinched as he placed his hands on the curves of my
hips, his touch gentle, hot, slightly tickling across my skin. He reached
under me and began to stroke my tummy, his fingers moving in slow circles.
"There," he said, "doesn't this feel nicer? Much better than a spanking,
eh? Katy likes me to do this to her. She likes it a lot." My tummy
muscles quivered under his creeping fingers. It did feel nice, like
tickling but different. There was no way I was going to admit it to him,
though. I kept silent. "Rest your head in your arms and relax," he said,
his voice low, coaxing. "I'm not going to spank you anymore, Anna, because
I think you'll be good from now on. What I am going to do is make you feel
better, take away the stinging in your lovely little bum. Just stay as you
are and don't move. Understand?" As he was speaking his fingers slid up
along my rib cage, pushing my skirt higher along with my blouse and under
vest. "Don't be shy or embarrassed. You're a very beautiful girl, Anna. I
like you better like this: without clothes...naked. Your skin is so
creamy, so smooth and soft." As he was touching me, Mr. Hobbs' voice
became shaky, his breathing more rapid, like he was panting. "Ah, yes," he
said, "your bubbies are filling out nicely...very nicely indeed. You'll
soon be needing a brassiere like your mother." He played with my bubbies
for a long time, squeezing, tugging gently at the tips with the ends of his
fingers. His touching made me shiver several times. "Your nipples are
sensitive, Anna, nodules of pleasure. I've made them crinkly and hard,
standing up like little soldiers. Are they tingling?" They were. Each
time he plucked at them, my tummy churned in an odd way. I felt strange. I
couldn't answer him. Had he done this to Katy in the kitchen that day, I
wondered. What he was doing was surely wrong. If she knew, I'm sure
mother wouldn't let him touch Katy or me this way. The tingling mixed with
the stinging sensations in my bottom, a heated combination that sent a
tremulous shiver up and down my spine. I squeezed my eyes shut, tried to
ignore his touches, the hot, shivery feelings he was causing in my tummy.
"Mr. Hobbs..." I stammered, "I...I have to...get dinner." "Relax, Anna.
Stop worrying all the time. I'm making you feel nice; healing you,
stopping that pain in your delightful little bum. Just concentrate on what
I'm doing." He moved one hand to my tummy again, stuck a wriggling finger
in my belly button for a moment then slid the flat of his hand lower.
"Open your legs wider, Anna." I moved my knees apart as far as the armchair
would allow. "Oh!" I gasped, my breath catching in my throat as Mr. Hobbs
pressed his palm between my thighs - right over my cunny. "That's better,"
Mr. Hobbs whispered. "I can touch you properly in all your special places
now. Mmm... plump. Nice thick lips. You have a perfect little cunny,
Anna, so soft and smooth. You'll be getting some hair here soon. Do you
like this...?" I felt him press a fat finger lightly along the crease of my
cunny. He moved it slowly back and forth. It tickled in a strange way
making me flush hotly. At the same time, with his other hand, he tickled
my nipples. I shivered again, both excited by and confused at the
pain/pleasure sensations now in almost constant motion all over my body.
My thighs went all weak and quivery. I wanted to squeeze my legs together,
press myself harder against his hand. I could not comprehend how or why
the churning in my belly seemed to increase with each touch of his fingers.
I felt damp, a squishiness where his sinuous finger was touching, wondered
if maybe I had had an accident and peed myself. Quite unconsciously I
wriggled my bottom. Mr. Hobbs chuckled. "Oh, yes...I can see you prefer
this to a spanking. You're getting excited aren't you? I can tell. You
don't seem to have so many complaints now, Anna, eh? Feels good playing
tickling games doesn't it? I like your little cunny. It feels all hot,
puffy and swollen and is weeping with love juice. It seems to like my
finger touching it just...there...and tickling like this." "Oh!" I
squealed. Love juice? What was love juice? I couldn't ask; I dare not.
Mr. Hobbs did something down there, touched me in a certain way, and I
felt a river of shivery warmth sort of wash all over and through me.
Something brushed against the crease of my wriggling bottom, something like
his finger only thicker, longer, more smooth, something hotter and more
urgent. It pressed right between the cheeks, slowly rubbed up and down.
"That's it, Anna. Good girl. Keep moving your bum against me like that."
Mr. Hobbs, panting, stopped playing with my bubbies, my tingling nipples,
and looped his arm under me. He pulled me against the thick hard thing
that was rubbing my bottom, pressed and held me against it whilst rubbing
his finger between my legs and moving the other thing up and down my bottom
groove. "Ooh, Mr. - Mr. Hobbs," I said, almost gasping for breath.
"Move your bum, Anna. Move it against me...yes...yes, like that." Another
minute of rubbing my bottom and suddenly Mr. Hobbs appeared taken with
some kind of fit. He trembled, went rigid and held me tightly against him
almost squeezing the breath from my labored lungs. I felt the hard thing
swell and twitch right in my cleft, a hot creamy liquid suddenly squirted
up my back. I shivered as the warm creamy stuff trickled into my bottom
crease and down between my spread legs. Once. Twice. Three then four
times, at least, the twitching and squirting went on. I was surprised,
shocked even, at Mr. Hobbs wetting himself all over me like that. It was
all very scary, yet exciting and puzzling at the same time. I shivered, a
lot of tiny spasms shook my tummy, and I wriggled my bottom till Mr. Hobbs
eventually and breathlessly told me to hold still. "Oh, that was
delicious, Anna, absolutely delicious," Mr. Hobbs said, still rubbing the
thick thing against my bottom but more slowly now. It seemed softer than
when it was twitching and squirting. Mr. Hobbs didn't speak for what
seemed like ages, he then said, "Did you like that, Anna?" "What?" "Did you
like it when I tickled your cunny?" "I...I..." "There's no need to be shy.
Tell me the truth. Did you like me tickling your cunny?" "Y-Yes,
but...only a...a little bit." I felt myself blushing into the crook of my
arm and was glad he could not see my face. "Is that what you do to Katy?"
"Of course," Mr. Hobbs said. "She enjoys it and wants to do it all the
time now. You see, the more you do it the better it feels. You wait and
see. It's fun and every girl should have fun even you, Anna." "But...but
it's naughty. It's wrong. You shouldn't be doing that to me or Katy."
"How can it be wrong? Katy likes it and you saw for yourself how your mum
likes it. How can something that feels so nice be wrong?" "I...I don't
know." "I think you do know really, Anna," Mr. Hobbs chuckled. Then he
was suddenly stern again. "We'll keep these little games a secret between
ourselves. You will tell no one, discuss it with no one, not even Katy.
Is that understood?" "Y-Yes." I stammered and jumped as he touched me
between my legs again, right on that tender place. His fingers lingered,
rubbed gently along my cunny lips making my belly churn and I couldn't help
wriggling my bottom. "You see," Mr. Hobbs whispered, "it's much better
being friends isn't it? We can do lots more nice things like this, things
you will enjoy. If you're bad, I shall spank you again and spank you hard.
But, be good like you are now and we'll have lots more fun lessons." Just
as I was beginning to get that tingly feeling all over, Mr. Hobbs removed
his fingers from my hot cunny. I almost wanted to tell him not to stop
doing what he was doing, to please keep touching me there, but was too shy
to utter a word. "Get dressed now," he said. "It's time for you to
prepare dinner." I had a strange but pleasant tingling sensation between my
legs and all round my cunny for ages after my awful - but nice - experience
with Mr. Hobbs. I kept feeling his hands and fingers moving all over me.
I could hardly sit still through dinner that evening and mother chided me
twice, almost sent me to my room, for fidgeting. I blushed furiously when
both Katy and Mr. Hobbs gave me a sly smile and a knowing look. It was
almost as if they could read my mind. Though deep down I knew that what
Mr. Hobbs had done to me - and I to him! - should never have happened, had
been really wrong, I found myself wondering what other lessons he had in
mind for me. Surprisingly, and much to my disgust, I actually begun to
look forwards to them.

That night, after Katy and I were snug in our bed, the house silent, and
the candle extinguished, I was still tingling between my legs and my
bubbies ached to be touched. I couldn't help asking my sister about Mr.
Hobbs. "Tell me please, Katy, what are the games you play with Mr.
Hobbs?" "I can't tell you, Anna," Katy whispered. "I'm sworn to secrecy.
If I tell you, Mr. Hobbs will spank my bare bottom and he said he won't
play with me anymore." The darkness seemed to press in on us from all sides
and I heard the drone of high-flying airplanes pass above us. I cuddled up
closer to her. "Please, Katy. What does he do to you?" Katy put her arm
across my middle and held me tighter. "That sound scares me, Anna." "Oh,
don't be frightened, Katy. They're a long way from us." After a minute, I
whispered in her ear, "Honestly, I promise I won't tell a soul, Katy. What
does he do to you that is so much fun? You always seem to be enjoying
yourself. I want to share your secret." "I can't tell you, but...I-I
suppose I could show you." Just then, we heard a muffled yelp from mother's
room. I tensed up and my mind filled with rude thoughts. I could imagine
just what Mr. Hobbs was doing to her now and I immediately began to feel
hot and bothered and itchy between my thighs. "Do you want me to show you
what Mr. Hobbs does to me, Anna?" I nodded. "Oh, yes. Please, Katy, show
me." "You must lie still and do what I say. Turn over, lay flat on your
back." I did as Katy asked and she moved the arm across my tummy until the
flat of her hand rested over my belly button. Slowly, she began to caress
me there just as Mr. Hobbs had. Her touch was much softer, as light as a
feather. My skin rippled and I shivered. Katy giggled. She bunched her
fingers and tugged at my nighty gradually pulling it up, bunching it at the
top of my legs. "Lift up," she said. I raised my bottom. My breath
caught in my throat as Katy, pulling my nighty high up over my bubbies,
accidentally brushed her hand over one of my bare nipples. I felt it
tingle into erectness. The sheets felt cool against my hot nakedness.
"Sorry," Katy said. "That's all right," I muttered, sucking in my tummy as
her hand moved down and began to rub me there again, small, light circles
around my belly button. "Bring your knees up," Katy whispered, her lips
close to my ear, her warm breath making me shiver with pleasure. "Yes,
that's right. Now let them fall open and put the soles of your feet flat
together." I did as she asked and felt my thigh muscles tighten and my
cunny lips pull apart. "Oh, Katy!" I gasped as her small hand slid down my
trembling belly and covered my mound, her middle finger pressing right
along my open slit. "You're wet, Anna." Katy giggled again and I heard
another low groan from mother's room. Mr. Hobbs was probably rubbing his
thing between her bum cheeks like he had mine. The very thought made me
burn. I licked my suddenly dry lips as I imagined Mr. Hobbs holding
mother's naked body down on the bed, doing those rude things to her, making
her cry out. "When you're cunny tingles, get's wet like this, it means
you're all sexed up and liking it," Katy said, moving her finger along my
parted cunny slit, hooking it slightly so the tip dipped into the moist
warmth between. "Ooh," I whimpered as she slipped her finger deeper and
electric shocks bolted from my belly to my titties and back again. "Oh,
Katy," I gasped, "- does...does Mr. Hobbs do that to you?" "Do you like
our little game, Anna?" "Mm...ooh! Ye-esss!" My hips and bottom rocked
against Katy's delicious probing finger as it rubbed across that special
place and then slid back and forth right up inside me. Katy bent over me
and I felt her tongue circle one of my nipples. She fastened her lips over
the tight bud and began to suck and lick on it. I groaned as a wave of
tingling sensation washed over me. "Stay as you are," she said, and moved
her head lower licking the soft flesh of my trembling belly, then the
smooth rise of my mound. "Ooh, Katy!" I groaned. In the next instant, I
felt her mouth fasten in a moist cushion at the top of my cunny lips, right
over that special place. Her tongue flicked and licked and I shuddered as
the tingling feeling erupted and surged through every nerve ending in my
quivering body. My belly trembled and my hips bucked up against her lips
and busy dipping finger. I'd never felt anything so exciting, so ecstatic.
A long spasm of intense pleasure rocked my whole body for what must have
been a full minute. I gasped breathlessly into the night. Giggling
softly, Katy came back up from under the covers and fastened her lips over
my mine. "There. Now it's your turn to do me." "But...but I don't know
how." "Don't worry," Katy whispered. "It's easy and fun to learn. I'll
teach you." Willingly, I complied.


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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Sex Party Sex picture

Sex Party Sex picture

Sex Party sex links:

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02. Sex Party sex link

03. Sex Party sex link

04. Sex Party sex link

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06. Sex Party sex link

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Sex Party Sex story


This is a ed work and the intellectual property
of the author. Any reposting or reproduction is strictly
prohibited without the express written permission of the
author. �2001 By: Dark Vision.

The contents of this story are fictitious. Any similarity
to persons alive or dead is purely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of sex, including sex
between family members. It is intended for adults only.
If you are offended by material of this nature, are under
the legal age in your location to read this material, or it
is illegal for you to possess this material, go no further.

The entire series of "The Lottery" can be found at:

The author may be contacted at Darkvision29

The Lottery Part 35 (mf, ff, oral, con, inc)
By: Dark Vision

The four couples sat in the back of the limo and talked
about the dance. Megan told them that the seating was
reserved and they would have one table. She said that the
last time she went the food was very good, in fact, the
only thing she liked was the food.

The large car allowed the teens to sit comfortably and not
wrinkle the girls' dresses. When they arrived at the
banquet hall, the driver pulled up to the front door and
waited for the limo in front of him to move.

He rolled down the panel that separated the driving
compartment from the back and told the kids what was going
on. Jack looked out the windshield and could see the car
in front of them. He watched as two couples got out and
went into the building and the driver pulled away.

Their driver pulled up and parked the limo. He came
around to the door and opened it for the teens. Carefully,
they climbed out and waited for the rest of the group.

Once everyone had exited the car, the driver told Jack
that he would be waiting after the dance. He closed the
door and moved the limo into a parking place, in sight of
the door.

The boys buttoned their jackets and the girls fixed their
ties. After checking their dresses, the girls said they
were ready to go in.

Jack held his arm out for Megan and the rest of the boys
did the same. They walked up to the doors and waited while
a doorman opened them.

Jack turned to Megan and said, "Smile, you're beautiful."

Megan smiled at him, tightened the grip on his arm and
together they walked in. Tom and Lisa followed with Kim
and Paul right behind them. Sally and Brad brought up the
rear, but stayed close to Kim and Paul.

They walked into the hall and checked to find where they
would be sitting. A girl looked at a chart and led them
across the large room towards their table. As the four
couples walked across the floor of the large room, the
other kids from school watched.

Megan held her head high and smiled as she walked next to
Jack. She knew the kids were looking at her, but tonight
she didn't care. Tonight was hers to enjoy and the other
kids weren't going to ruin it for her. The girl took them
to a round table and indicated that it was where they would
be sitting.

Jack pulled Megan's chair out for her and the other boys
did the same for their dates. Once they were settled into
their seats, they began to look around the room.

The hall was very elegant, paneled in dark wood. Large
crystal chandeliers hung from the high ceiling, casting a
soft glow over the room. In the middle of one wall was a
small stage, set up for the band, with a large wood dance
floor in front of it.

The tables were filled with kids from school and their
dates. The teens recognized some of them, but not all.
Jack noted that the man at the tuxedo rental store was
right, he and the rest of the guys in his group were the
only ones wearing traditional tuxes.

Having surveyed the entire room, they turned their
attention to each other. The guys talked with their dates,
ignoring the other people in the room.

Kim talked with Paul, really for the first time. They
discussed the kind of music they liked and what television
shows they watched. Kim glanced at her brother and saw him
leaning close to Megan, talking to her. She felt the pangs
of jealousy begin, but fought them off. She could see how
happy Megan was and decided to just let go of it. She
turned her attention back to Paul.

While the teens were talking, a waitress came over and
asked what they would like to drink.

"Vodka and orange juice," Jack said.

Everyone laughed and ordered Cokes. The waitress left and
returned carrying a tray with the drinks on it. She set
them in front of each of the teens and asked about their
dinner order.

"You have your choice of steak, fish or chicken," she
said. She listed the things that came with the dinner and
took their orders.

Soft background music played through the hall's sound
system. There were several kids up and milling around, but
most of them were seated at their tables.

Soon a small army of servers began carrying food trays
into the hall. They placed salads in front of each of the
kids and breadbaskets on the table. As the diners finished
one course, the servers brought out the next.

After an hour or so, they served desert and took away the
last of the dirty dishes.

"That was really good," Paul said. "I didn't think we
would get a dinner like that."

Everyone agreed with Paul about the dinner. They finished
their deserts and waited for the server to clear the table.
The girls decided to go to the bathroom and they all went
together. They talked about how nice the guys looked and
about each other's dresses.

When they returned to the table, the band was getting
ready. The band members all picked up their instruments
and began to play a slow song. The lights in the hall were
dimmed and everyone seemed to be waiting for someone to get
up and dance.

Jack stood up and reached his hand out to Megan.

"May I have this dance?" he asked.

"Oh Jack," she said. "There isn't anyone else out there

"So what? Somebody has to be first and it might as well
be us."

Reluctantly, she took Jack's hand and stood up. He put
his arm around her back and walked to the dance floor.
Jack took her in his arms and began to dance. As they
moved around the floor, Megan could see everyone in the
room watching her, or so it seemed. She decided to ignore
them and relaxed.

Tom asked Lisa to dance and they got up and began to walk
over to Jack and Megan. Lisa looked back at her brothers
and gave them a look that meant ask their dates to dance.

Paul and Brad stood up, asked Kim and Sally to dance, and
followed their sister to the dance floor. The four couples
danced to the slow music and soon other kids started to get
up and join them. After another slow song the band picked
up the pace.

Some of the kids started to leave the dance floor, but the
group of eight stayed and danced. They remained on the
dance floor for the entire first set the band played,
returning to their seats only after the band announced a

As they walked back to their table, Megan slowed Jack down
and said, "Thank you for the dances. It was great! Did
you see all of the snobs staring at us? For the first time
in my life, I didn't care."

They got back to the table and sat down to rest. Angela
walked up to the table and said hi to Megan and the rest of
the group. She told her that she looked good dancing out
there. Megan thanked her and she and her boyfriend walked

During the band's break, several of her clates came
over and talked to her. They told her how nice she looked
and what a good dancer she was. Megan felt like she was
going to burst. Kids that would never give her the time of
day were talking to her.

One of the most popular girls in school came over and
talked with Megan, asking her if she and Jack would like to
come to one of her parties. Megan said that she would
think about it and thanked her for the invitation.

The guys asked the girls if they would like fresh drinks
and went to get them.

"I can't believe what is happening to me," Megan said.
"None of those kids would ever talk to me before."

"Well Megan," Kim said, remembering the things her parents
had told her up north. "You can fall into their trap and
follow or you can be your own person. It's entirely up to

Lisa and Sally agreed with Kim and told her to think about
why they wanted to be friendly.

Megan sat quietly and thought about what the girls said.
She smiled and said, "Fuck them! I have the best friends
in the world and I sure don't need them. They never talked
to me before and I survived. So why would I need them now?"

The four girls laughed. Lisa said, "Megan, watch your
language. I have never heard you talk like that."

"I have never felt like this before Lisa, sorry about what
I said." Megan blushed.

The girls were still laughing when the guy's returned with
their Cokes. They sat down and asked what was so funny.

"Nothing Jack," Kim said. "We were just welcoming Megan
to the real world."

Jack looked at his sister and decided it was an inside joke.

The band came back from their break and started to play
the song the kids danced the hustle to. The eight teens
got up and went out on the dance floor and lined up. They
started moving in unison, matching each other's steps.
Other kids come up and started to dance, behind the eight

After the song ended, the band played a slow song. Paul
took Kim into his arms, pulled her close, and began to
dance. As they danced, Kim noticed Paul's growing penis.
She felt it press against her stomach as the two moved.
Paul was well aware of Kim's breasts pressed into his
chest. He rubbed his hand over her back and she let go of
his hand and wrapped her arms around his waist. Together,
they glided around the floor.

They danced their way over to where Sally and Brad were
dancing. Kim looked over Paul's shoulder at her cousin and
smiled. Sally understood Kim, Brad's erection was pressed
into her belly too. After the song ended, Paul and Brad
excused themselves and headed towards the bathroom.

Sally and Kim made their way back to the table. Jack and
Megan were still dancing and Tom went for a Coke.

"Are you two girls trying to turn on my little brothers?"
Lisa giggled.

"What do you mean Lisa," Kim said.

Lisa continued to giggle and said, "The way you guys were
dancing must have made both of their dicks hard."

Kim and Sally blushed and joined Lisa's giggling. They
didn't say anything, but they didn't have to.

"I won't get any sleep tonight," Lisa said.

"What do you mean?" Sally asked her.

"Those two will be up half the night jacking off." Lisa

The three girls began to laugh so hard that tears formed
in their eyes. Kim held her side and tried to stop.

Tom walked back to the table and asked, "What's so funny?"

"Just girl talk," Sally said.

Tom sat down and Lisa's brothers came back. Jack and
Megan finished dancing to the song that was playing and
also joined the group. Kim noticed that Megan was sitting
very close to her brother and had her hand on his arm.

The girls got up and headed towards the bathroom, Megan
walked along side Kim.

"Your brother is such a gentleman Kim. He has never tried
to hold me too close or do anything that would make me

"I told you that not all guys were like that creep that
did that to you, some guys are nice."

"I know that you're right Kim. Jack hasn't done or said
anything to me in a sexual way. He is treating me like a
good friend, and that's what I need right now. I'm still
not ready to do anything with any guy and it is so nice
that Jack understands."

Kim smiled, she knew that her brother and Megan weren't
going to be doing anything together soon. She was also
happy that Megan was having such a good time with Jack and
really enjoying the dance. The girls finished in the
bathroom and returned to the table.

The boys asked them to dance again and stood up. Sally
looked around the room and saw that most of the girls had
taken off their shoes, so she did too. She took out her
slippers and put them on. When the other girls saw her,
they also removed their shoes and put on the slippers they
had brought.

They walked, hand in hand, with the guys to the dance
floor and danced until the band took another break.

The four girls decided to walk around and say hi to some
of the kids they knew from school. They went to several
tables and chatted with their clates. Almost every
girl they talked to said, that they wished their dates
would dance with them more. They told the four friends
that they were lucky to have such great guys.

By the time the girls returned to their table, they were
beaming with pride.

Kim whispered to Megan, "Are you happy you decided to come

"Oh yes Kim," Megan said. "I never knew that I could have
this much fun. All of you are so great. I'm very happy
that you didn't listen to the other kids at school."

Megan had tears in her eyes as she talked with Kim. Jack
walked up behind Megan, smiled at his sister and gently
rested his hands on Megan's shoulders.

"Would either of you two beautiful ladies like a cold
drink? I would be happy to get one for you."

"Yes please," Megan said. "That would be great."

Megan didn't turn around so that Jack wouldn't see her
teary eyes.

"Me too big brother." Kim said.

Jack went to get the drinks and Megan took a tissue from
her purse and wiped her eyes.

"I'm sorry Kim, I didn't mean to cry. I don't know what
came over me."

"My guess would be happiness." Kim said. "It's really
easy to get use to if you just try."

Megan smiled and took the Coke that Jack offered her. Kim
took her drink and Jack sat between them. They talked
about the dance so far and how much fun they were having.
Lisa and Tom were making plans to go out and shoot some
photos and then develop them in his darkroom. Paul and
Brad were whispering to one another, while Sally listened
to Kim and Megan.

The band came back and began to play. They announced that
this was the last set for the night. All of the teens went
to the dance floor and began to dance to the fast song they
played. When it ended they put their arms around each
other and wait for the next song to start. It was slow and
they all danced, getting closer to one another than they
did the last time.

The band played for an hour and the teens danced every
dance. At times, they were the only ones on the floor.
When the band announced the last song of the night, the
hall dimmed the lights even more.

Kim danced close to Paul, her head on his shoulder. He
was holding her close, his cheek against the side of her
head. About half way through the song, Paul moved his head
away and Kim looked up at him. He bent down a little and
kissed her on the lips. It startled Kim because she wasn't
prepared for the kiss, but she kissed him back. The two
held their mouths together for several minutes, but kept
them closed.

When Brad saw his brother kissing Kim, he kissed Sally.
She parted her lips and let Brad put his tongue into her
mouth for a moment, then broke the kiss. She put her head
back on his shoulder and held him close to her.

When the song ended the band began to make an
announcement. The leader said that every time they played
for a group like this they always picked a couple as
dancer's of the night. He took his microphone out of the
stand and walked out onto the dance floor. He walked up to
the eight teens as they stood next to each other and
announced that tonight they were selecting the four couples
as dancers of the night.

The teens were surprised when he pointed to them. Almost
everyone in the room began to clap and the group turned to
the room and took a quick bow.

"Not only are these couples great dancers," the bandleader
said, "They danced to almost every song tonight."

The bandleader turned off his microphone and turned to the
kids. He told them that they all looked great and asked if
they had a good time. They all told him that they did and
thanked him.

The kids returned to their table and began to gather their
things. They finished their drinks and started to leave.
About six girls walked over to them and said that they were
glad they had been named dancers of the night.

One of the girls went up to Megan and said, "I am so sorry
I have been so mean to you."

The girls walked away, leaving Megan with tears running
down her face. She took out her tissue and for the second
time tonight dried her tears.

Jack put his arm around her waist and guided her out of
the room followed by the rest of the group. They waited
outside and their limo driver pulled around to pick them
up. He held the door and the teens climbed into the car,
sitting in the same places they had earlier. The driver
closed the door, went up front and pulled away.

The teens all sat close to their dates as the limo driver
took them home. They talked about being named dancers of
the night and all agreed that the dance had been fun.
Megan relaxed against Jack, resting her head on his
shoulder. Tom had his arm around Lisa and was still
talking to her about photography.

Kim and Paul held hands, as did Sally and Brad. When Brad
tried to kiss Sally she stopped him and told him not here.

The ride to Lisa's house took about twenty minutes. When
they arrived, the driver parked in front of the house, got
out and opened the door. Lisa got out first and Tom
followed her. They walked up the sidewalk to the front
porch, and stood and talked.

Kim told Paul thank you for going to the dance and what a
great time she had. They chatted for a moment and then
Paul leaned over to her. The two kissed and this time Kim
opened her mouth and allowed his tongue in. She broke the
kiss and told him goodnight.

Brad and Sally also kissed briefly and said goodbye.
After the twin boys got out of the car, Paul stuck his head
back in and said, "Kim, would you and Sally like to go to a
movie or something with Brad and I?"

"That sounds like fun Paul, call me next week and we can
talk about it," Kim replied.

The boy smiled and headed for the house with his brother,
passing Tom and Lisa on the porch. Tom held Lisa and the
couple kissed for several minutes. Tom waved to her as he
returned to the car. He jumped in and the driver shut the

The next stop was Megan's. Jack walked her to her house
and talked. Megan put her hand behind his head, pulled him
to her and they kissed. The kiss was tender, but neither
teen opened their mouth. Jack pulled away and told her he
would see her tomorrow at Kim's surprise party. Megan
thanked him again and went into the house.

Jack returned to the car, got in and sat next to his
sister. She put her hand on his leg and said, "Well guys,
are you glad you decided to go to the dance?"

"I am," Jack said. "I had a great time."

Tom said, "Me too! I never knew that dancing could be so
much fun."

Kim wrapped her arms around her brother's arm and held him
tightly. She looked into his eyes and said, "Thank you for
being so nice to Megan, I know she really enjoyed herself."

Jack nodded and smiled at his sister.

Kim leaned over and whispered, "Are you glad I taught you
to dance?"

Jack put his hand on her arm and said, "In more ways than

They giggled, knowing what the other one was referring to.

Sally had her hand on Tom's leg and was rubbing him
gently. She put her head on his shoulder and said, "Did
you have a good time too?"

"It was real nice, if you would have told me that I was
going to dance that much in my entire life, I would have
called you a liar. Dancing is really fun, I can't wait to
do it again."

When Kim heard her cousin, she glanced at Sally and
winked. The limo pulled into the circle drive and stopped
in front of Jack and Kim's house. The driver came around
and opened the door for the teens and they all got out.

Jack was the last to exit the big car. When he was
outside, he turned to the driver and said, "Thanks for
driving us, it was very nice. Did my dad take care of you?"

"Yes sir, your father took very good care of me. If you
ever need a limo again, please ask for me."

Jack told the driver goodbye and walked with his sister
and cousins to the front door. He took out his keys,
unlocked the door and held it for the two girls. The four
teens went into the family room, Jack and Tom flopped onto
the couch. The boys removed their shoes and reached for
their bowties.

Kim said, "Could Sally and I have a dance while you two
are still dressed so handsomely?"

Jack looked at Tom and the two boys agreed. Kim went to
the CD player and put a couple of CDs into it. She quickly
pressed the buttons on the remote, programming the songs
she wanted to play. She pushed the play button, adjusted
the volume and put the remote down. As the music started,
she walked to the middle of the room and stood next to Sally.

Jack and Tom went to them and began to dance with their
sister. The four of them held each other close and moved
around the carpeted floor. About half way through the
song, Sally slipped her hands under Tom's coat and ran them
over his back.

Kim also put her hands under her brother's coat and rubbed
up and down his back. She pulled him tight to her body,
pushing her breasts into his chest. He let his hands slide
down her back and rest on her butt, pushing his crotch into
her belly.

The two girls, having already planned the night, mimicked
each other and touched and rubbed their brothers. The
boys, feeling excited, touched and rubbed back.

Kim and Sally glanced at each other and at the same time
reached for their brother's bowties, undid them and tossed
them aside. Slowly, they unfastened the black pearl studs
that held their shirts closed and pulled the tails out of
their slacks. The girls again rubbed the boys, this time
on their bare skin. Kim looked up at Jack and kissed him
deeply, sliding her tongue over his lips and into his mouth.

Sally kissed Tom and pushed her tongue into his mouth.
Both girls were aware of their brother's excitement,
feeling their penis' grow against them. Jack and Tom were
holding the girls tight when the song ended.

The girls guided them to the couch and pushed them gently
so they would sit. The next song began, this time a bit

The two girls stepped back a little and began to sway
seductively in front of Jack and Tom. They ran their hands
through their hair and down their chests, cupping and
rubbing their breasts. They pulled their dresses up a
little, revealing they're stocking covered legs, but
stopped before the tops would show. The girls moved around
for about a third of the song.

Jack and Tom sat on the couch watching the show. Both
boys were erect and they had to adjust themselves. They
sat quietly and watched their sisters and smiled.

Kim and Sally reached behind their backs and slowly
lowered the zippers of their dresses. They pulled them all
the way down and turned their bare backs to the boys,
showing them their bra straps. Slowly they worked the
dresses off their shoulders, held them at their waists and
turned to face their brothers. Again they began to sway,
their firm breasts covered by the shear bras.

The boys began to rub their crotches as they watched the
girls dance. Tom whistled and Jack called for more. The
girls saw them rubbing themselves and slowly allowed their
dresses to fall to the floor. Jack and Tom both gasped
when they saw their sisters dressed in their lingerie. The
girls danced around in front of the boys and listened to
their comments.

"Holy shit Sally, where did you get that outfit?" Tom said.

"You two look hot and sexy in those things," Jack said.

The girls continued to dance, the boys continued to stare.
Kim unhooked her bra in front and pulled the shear fabric
away from her breasts, Sally followed suit. They moved the
bra cups away and then covered their breasts with them.
Finally, they pulled their bras off and tossed them at
their brothers.

Kim and Sally turned around, bent over and wiggled their
butts at the boys. They spread their legs and put their
hands on their knees and looked back at the couch.

"I can't take it anymore," Jack said.

Jack unfastened his slacks, pulled the zipper down and
pushed his pants down to his knees, along with his boxers.
He wrapped his hand around his hard penis and began to
stroke it. When Tom saw what his cousin was doing, he
quickly did the same.

The girls stood up, turned to their brothers, and watched
as they moved their hands up and down.

"My cock feels like it is going to explode!" Tom shouted.

"Take it easy boys," Sally said, "You wouldn't want to
waste anything."

Sally and Kim put their hands on the sides of their skimpy
panties, unhooked them, and pulled them away. They tossed
the panties at their brothers, like they did with the bras,
and danced before them in just their stockings and garters.

They turned around and bent over again, displaying their
naked crotches. The girls backed up to the couch, pushed
their butts into the boys' hardons, and rubbed up and down
on them. Jack and Tom reached around and grabbed their
sister's breasts and fondled them.

Kim and Sally moved away and continued to dance for them.
They turned away from one another and pressed their bare
butts together, as they bent over. Sally reached between
her legs and rubbed Kim's hot crotch, causing the boys to
groan out loud.

"You guys are driving me crazy," Jack said. "If you keep
it up I'm going to cum."

"Me too," Tom said. "I can't take any more."

"Then quit rubbing your big cocks' guys, we aren't ready
yet. We still have more of our show for you. Can you
wait? Can you keep your hands off yourselves for a few
minutes? I guess we could always stop, right Sally?" Kim
said with a low growl.

"If that's what they want Kim. Do you guys want us to
stop and get dressed?" Sally said as she and Kim turned to
face each other. They pressed their breasts together and
wiggled their shoulders back and forth.

Jack put his hands behind his head and said, "No! Don't
stop! You two are so hot and you're making me nuts."

Tom also interlaced his fingers and put his hands behind
his head. Kim knelt in front of Tom and pulled his slacks
and underwear off. She moved to Jack and did the same thing.

"What would you two like to see? Do you want us to do
anything special for you?"

"Touch your pussies," Jack said.

"Hell, touch each other's pussies," Tom shouted.

The girls were as excited as their brothers. The more
they went on, the more risqu� they became. Kim reached
between Sally's legs and put her hand on her thigh. She
rubbed her stockings, moving higher with each stroke.
Sally moaned when Kim's hand touched the bare flesh above
her stockings and she reached for Kim.

The two girls rubbed each other's inner thighs, moving
closer and closer to their vaginas. When Kim finally
touched Sally, both her and the boys groaned. Soon they
had their hands covering the other's crotch, rubbing the
hot moist flesh.

"Put your fingers in," Jack said with a horse voice.
"Please fingers your pussies for us."

Kim and Sally turned their backs to the boys, bent over
and fingered each other.

"How's that?" Sally asked. "How does that look?"

"It looks good enough to eat," Tom replied.

"Do you think so Tom," Kim said. "Does your sister's
pussy look good enough to eat?"

"Oh yes, her pussy looks delicious."

Kim took her fingers from Sally and pulled at her. The
girls moved around until Kim was laying on the floor and
pulling Sally's crotch to her mouth. She covered her pussy
and sucked on it, pushing her tongue into her hole. She
removed her mouth, tilted her head to look at the boys, and

"You're right Tom, Sally's pussy is good enough to eat."

Kim buried her face into Sally's crotch and Sally did the
same to Kim. They noisily sucked and licked at each other,
probing with their tongues. They pulled their faces out of
the others crotch and looked up at the boys.

Jack and Tom still had their hands behind their heads and
their eyes wide open. Sally and Kim got on their knees and
moved towards the couch. The boys groaned as they watched
their sister's approach. Kim was headed for Jack and Sally
for Tom. They looked at their brother's penises, sticking
straight up. Just before Kim reached Jack and Sally
reached Tom they quickly switched places. Sally took
Jack's penis into her hand and Kim grabbed Tom.

The girls lightly slid their hands up and down over the
hot rigid flesh and listened to the guys groan. Kim bent
forward and took the head of Tom's cock into her mouth,
swirling her tongue around the ridge. Sally took Jack's
into her mouth and lowered her head until almost the whole
thing was in her throat.

The two girls licked and sucked on their cousin's penises
and massaged their balls. When Jack began to buck his
hips, Sally backed off and just held him. Tom was also
reaching the point of no return. The girls looked up at
the boys and saw that they both had their eyes closed.

Sally looked at Kim and mouthed, "don't swallow." Kim
nodded and returned her mouth to Tom's cock. Sally reached
over and replaced Kim's hand with hers and stroked her
brother's cock into Kim's sucking mouth. Kim took her
brother's and did the same thing for Sally.

Tom was the first to cum, filling Kim's mouth with his hot
semen. Kim held her closed mouth over his cock and allowed
Tom to shoot his spunk into her. When he stopped, Kim
carefully removed her mouth and kept it closed. She turned
her attention to her brother and began to stroke him
rapidly. Jack pushed his hips up and began to squirt into
Sally's mouth. She too collected his cum and held it in
her mouth. When Jack was spent, Sally sat back on her
heals next to Kim.

Jack and Tom looked down at their sisters and smiled.
Their penises were soft and laying on their empty balls.

"Wow," Tom said, "That was the best."

Jack groaned and said, "It only gets better with you guys."

Kim and Sally smiled at their brothers, their lips tightly
closed. Slowly they opened their mouths and showed them
their cum, pooled on their tongues. The girls turned to
each other and covered the other's mouth. They used their
tongues to trade their brother's cum back and forth, and
then swallowed.

"Um," Kim said. "You guys are good enough to eat too."

"Nothing like a little bed time snack," Sally giggled.

The girls got up off the floor and sat next to their
brother's. The two boys were dumbfounded by the things
their sisters had just done. Their penises began to twitch
and grow, despite the fact they had just cum.

Kim snuggled up to Jack and said, "Thanks for the dance,
it was the best one of the night."

Jack was only able to groan, his head still swimming from
the intense orgasm he had just had.

"Will you still kiss me if I taste like cum?" Sally asked

He leaned over and covered her mouth with his, pushing his
tongue into her and licking her teeth. He could taste the
salty cum that lingered in her mouth, but he didn't care.
Jack also kissed his sister, tasting the mixed juices of
the teens' activity.

The four sat quietly basking in the afterglow of their
sexual exchange. Kim moved away from Jack and stood up.
She picked up her clothing, turned off the stereo, and
said, "Take me to bed Jack."

Jack smiled, picked up his pants, and said, "Let's go, I'm

Tom and Sally also got off the couch, picked up their
things and started for the stairs. The boys followed their
sisters up the stairs, watching their butts. They noticed
how the thin lace suspenders flexed as the girls climbed
the stairs slowly. When they got to the doors of the
bedrooms, Jack went into Kim's and Tom went into Jacks.
Kim and Sally stayed in the hallway for a moment.

"I will get you up if I wake up first and you do the
same," Kim said. "We can make the guys breakfast."

"Ok, I'll see you in the morning. Not too early Kim, I
don't think I'm going right to sleep."

"Me either, I hope."

Kim went into her bedroom and Sally went into the room she
would share with Tom.

Once in her room, Kim slowly unhooked her stockings and
rolled them down her legs as her brother sat on the bed and
watched. She unfastened the garter belt and put every
thing on the love seat. Naked, she went to her brother and
put her arms around his neck. She pulled his mouth to hers
and they kissed deeply.

With their lips locked tightly together, Kim helped her
brother remove the rest of his clothes. They groped at
each other, running their hands over the other's naked
body. They fell back onto the bed and Kim pulled at the
covers, working them down underneath them. Jack pulled his
lips from hers and began to kiss her neck. He extended his
tongue and traced a path to her breasts.

When his mouth closed over one of her nipples, Kim said,
"Oh yes Jack, suck my boobs. Lick and suck my nipples."

While his mouth devoured her breasts, his hand slid down
her tummy to her crotch. He rubbed her wet mound and
parted her vaginal lips with his fingers. Slowly, he
inserted a finger into her and stroked the walls of her

"Oh Jack, that feels so good, I love it when you finger me
and suck my boobs."

Jack used his mouth and tongue the follow the path his
hand had just taken. He kissed her navel and her short
pubic hair, pulling it gently with his lips. He moved
between her legs, slipped his hands under her butt and
lifted her crotch to his mouth. He pushed his tongue into
her and moved his head to screw her with his tongue.

Kim grabbed her breasts and massaged them while her
brother ate her. He licked her slit and probed at her
clit. She bucked her hips against his face and pulled at
her nipples with her fingers. She felt her orgasm building
and knew it wouldn't be long before she experienced the
feeling she loved so much.

Feeling her body tense and her vagina begin to contract,
Kim gripped her brother's head with her thighs she twisted
and turned her hips as her orgasm reached it's peak. Jack
felt her juices flow into his mouth and savored them,
sucking on her to get more.

Soon Kim began to come down and relaxed her legs. She
reached down and pulled Jack up and onto her body. She
could feel his penis between her legs and she rotated her
hips, rubbing her soaking wet crotch against it.

"I want your big hard cock in my pussy," she said. "Jack,
please put it in me and make love to me. I want to feel
you deep inside me."

Jack rose up and pushed his penis against her. She
shifted and he slid in, stopping when her vagina completely
surrounded him. Slowly he began to move, pulling back
until his penis was at her opening and then pushing in all
the way. Each time he would pull back, the head of his
tool would hit her clit before he pushed back into her.
Kim felt another orgasm flow through her body, her vagina
gripping him as it contracted.

Kim grabbed her legs behind her knees and pulled back.
She pushed her legs apart until they were almost lying on
the bed and rocked her hips into her brother. She was
beside herself with lust and moaned out loud and pulled at
her legs.

"Faster Jack, do it faster. Shove that cock in and out of
my pussy as fast and as hard as you can."

Jack began to thrust into her, bumping his pelvic bone
into hers on each stroke. He concentrated on trying to
control his own impending orgasm, and worked to get Kim off
again. She let go of her legs and wrapped them around his
back, digging her heals into his butt. She pulled him into
her with her legs and held his head with her hands.

For the third time she felt herself begin to cum. She
bounced on the bed below her brother and tried to drive him
deeper into her hole.

"Harder Jack! Fuck me harder! Oh god, I'm going to cum
again. Faster, do it faster!"

Kim was almost yelling as she felt him speed up and begin
to slam into her. She turned her head from side to side as
he continued to push in and out of her.

Kim felt her climax begin deep in her belly and rumble
through her body. Jack felt her pussy grip his cock as she
began to spasm around it. Unable to hold out any longer,
Jack emptied his balls into her convulsing pussy. Kim
screamed into his shoulder when she felt him swell and
begin to pulse his semen into her body. She continued to
buck against him, even after he was done.

Finally, Kim's body went limp. She lay beneath her
brother breathing heavily and he collapsed onto her. They
lay silent for a little while, his flaccid penis still in
her. Kim pushed her mouth against his shoulder and kissed
him, tasting his perspiration. He lifted his head a bit
and looked into her eyes.

"Wow Jack, that was the best yet. You felt so big and
hard inside me, and I felt so full."

"I don't know what came over you Kim, but you were like an
animal. I never heard you yell and talk like that before.
I wonder if Tom and Sally heard you?"

"I don't care if they did Jack, it's not like they went in
there to do homework. I'll bet they were doing the same

"You're probably right Kim, and I don't care either."

"Jack, can you roll over so I'm on top with out coming out
of me?"

"Yeah, I think so, at least I'll try."

They held on to each other and Kim hooked her legs on
Jack's. He flipped around and she was on top, his penis
still in her vagina. She slid up and lay on him, their
combined juiced leaking from her onto his stomach. She
kissed him and they pushed their tongues into each other's
mouths. After a little while, Kim rolled off him and knelt
next to him.

She looked at the pool of cum on his belly, bent down and
used her mouth to clean it off him. After she had licked
up every thing, she took his sticky penis into her mouth
and sucked it clean. As she bathed him with her mouth, she
felt his cock begin to expand. She kept up her sucking
until her was fully erect again.

Kim reached behind her and grabbed the covers, straddled
her brother and lowered herself. Jack's penis slid into
her slick vagina and she pulled the blankets over them.
Lying across his body, she put her head on his chest and
pulled the covers over them.

"I want to fall asleep with your cock in my pussy Jack.
Is that all right with you?"

Jack wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. He
stroked the back of her head and her back. He could feel
her warm flesh encompass his cock and her firm breasts
against his chest.

"Yes Kim, it will be wonderful to have my cock in your
pussy while we sleep."

Kim wiggled a little and said, "Good night Jack, I love

"I love you too Kim, night."

The siblings lay connected and fell asleep.

Across the hall, Sally and Tom quickly took off the
remainder of their clothing. They climbed into bed and
began to kiss each other. Tom put his hand over one of her
breasts and squeezed it gently. He moved his fingertips to
her nipple and rolled it firmly. Sally moaned into his
open mouth and put her hand on his hard member. She
stroked it slowly, running her thumb over the velvety head.

Tom's penis jerked in his sister's hand as she rubbed the
small slit in the end of it. He tried to thrust his hips
into her hand but she stopped him. Sally pushed him onto
his back and turned around, lowering her crotch onto his

"Eat my pussy Tom, eat me like Kim did."

Tom pushed his tongue into her and covered her vagina with
his mouth. She rocked on his face, rubbing her clit on his
nose. When she felt him put a finger into her and lick her
clit, she grabbed her breasts and massaged them roughly.
She flattened her hands out and scrapped her palms over her
hard nipples as her brother fingered her hole and sucked
her clit.

Sally bent forward and took his hard shaft into her mouth
and sucked on the end of it, running her tongue around the
head. She removed it from her mouth, laid it on his belly
and licked along the thick vain. She opened her mouth and
took one of his balls into it, sucking gently.

Moaning into her crotch, he put another finger into her
and began to push them in and out. She released his orb
and moved off his mouth. She slid down his chest and sat
on his hard penis, facing away from him. Putting her hands
on his legs just above his knees, she moved her pussy up
and down over his hard cock.

Tom reached out and grabbed her hips and guided her over
his manhood. He pulled himself up, wrapped his arms around
her and held her breasts. Sally kept up her movements for
a while and then pulled of. His hard penis slapped up
against his belly and stood proud.

Sally turned around and faced her brother, lowered her
self onto his cock and held still.

"I love to feel your cock in my pussy and my mouth Tom. I
sometimes can't decide which I like better. It feels so
good when you fill me, but my pussy gets just as wet when I
suck on you."

She rose up and lowered herself, impaling her pussy with
his hard penis. Her breasts were at the same level as his
mouth and she pressed them into his face.

"Sally, you have the best tits, I love to suck and feel

"Then suck my boobs Tom. I love to feel your mouth on

Tom sucked her firm flesh into his mouth and probed her
hard nipple. Sally felt herself begin to cum and pulled
his head tight to the chest. When her pussy contracted
around his cock, Tom moaned into her chest. She swiveled
her hips and ground her clit against his pubic hair. She
reached between their bodies and rubbed her hardened clit
with her fingers, making her orgasm last longer.

When her spasms subsided, she got off his lap and turned
around. She put her head down on her folded arms and held
her butt high in the air. Tom got behind her and licked
her wet crotch, parting her vaginal lips with his tongue.
He pressed his tongue into her and savored her taste.
Sally moved her hips and her brother's wet tongue touched
her anus.

Sally moaned loudly when she felt his hot tongue at her
asshole and pushed back. He continued to lick her tight
pucker and poke his tongue into it as far as he could.

"Put a finger in my pussy Tom, put it in and move it."

He kept at her anus and slid his finger into her vagina,
moving it in and out of her quivering hole. Her juices
coated his finger and knuckles. She pushed back into the
probing digit and tongue, moaning into her folded arms.

"Tom, put your finger into my ass."

"What did you say?" he grunted. He wasn't sure he
understood her request.

"Take your finger out of my pussy and put it into my ass
Tom, I want to feel you in my ass."

Tom pulled his slick finger out of her pussy and pressed
it against her asshole. She pushed back, trying to force
into her. She took her arms from under her head, reached
back and pulled her butt cheeks apart and repeated her
request. Tom pushed against her anus and his finger went
in a little. Sally grunted and again pushed back causing
more of his finger to slide into her bowels. He pushed in
and she pushed back until his finger was buried into her
tight opening.

Slowly he began to move his finger in and out of her anus
until it was moving easily. She still had her head and
shoulders pressed into the bed as her brother fingered her.

"Now put your cock into my pussy. I want to feel you in
both holes."

Tom knelt behind her and pushed his penis into her vagina,
feeling it slide in with the finger he had in her ass. He
slowly began to move his penis in and his finger out,
reversing directions. Sally screamed into the bed as
another orgasm ripped through her. Tom continued to work
at her two holes, feeling his own release nearing.

"I'm going to cum Sally, I'm going to fill your pussy with
my cum."

Sally bucked against him as he drove his cock into her.
He pushed both his hard cock and his finger into her as far
as he could. Sally let go of her butt cheeks and reached
for her clit. She rubbed it rapidly with one hand and
pulled at her nipples with the other. Again she felt her
body spasm and her vagina grip her brother's cock. Her
climax was much more intense than the last one and it made
her whole body shake.

Tom began to squirt his semen into her pussy and Sally
screamed into the bed again. When he was spent, every
muscle in Tom's body relaxed at the same time. His penis
pulled out of Sally's vagina and he pulled his finger from
her ass. She let her hips drop to the bed and he fell on
top of her. They lay quietly, their bodies still
quivering, she could feel his softened penis in the crack
of her butt and feel his breath on the back of her head.

Sally groaned below him and asked him to get up. He
rolled off of her and onto his back. She spun around and
took his soft penis into her mouth and sucked it clean.

"That was great Tom, thanks. I think you had better go
and wash your hands though."

Tom got up, went into the bathroom and washed his hands.
When he returned, Sally was sitting Indian style on the
bed. He sat on the edge of the bed and she rubbed his back.

"You don't think I'm weird or sick for asking you to do
that to me do you Tom?"

"No Sally, you just surprised me a little that's all."

"I saw a picture in your book of a guy with his cock in a
girls ass once. What do you think of that?"

"If that what someone likes, I guess it's ok."

Tom and Sally heard Kim yelling from across the hall.
They couldn't make out what she was saying but they could
tell it was Kim.

"Well, I guess they aren't asleep yet," Sally giggled.

Sally looked between her legs and saw a wet spot.

"I guess I'm leaking."

Tom turned and looked at the spot and then at his sister's
crotch. He smiled, pushed her back and moved between her

"I know how to stop that."

He covered her crotch with his mouth and sucked the fluids
from her vagina. Sally groaned when she felt his tongue
scoop their juices out of her pussy and into his mouth. He
put his hands under her butt and lifted her up so he could
get better access to her vagina, and continued to lick and

Sally felt herself begin to climax again. This one was
not as intense as the ones she had earlier, but it felt good.

"Oh Tom, you're making me cum again. Please don't stop."

Tom kept up his oral assault on her crotch until he felt
her body stiffen and then relax. He removed his face from
between her legs and slid up next to her. They wrapped
their arms around each other and held themselves tightly

"I need some rest Sally, let's go to sleep."

Tom reached over and turned off the small table lamp on
the nightstand.

"Ok Tom, I'm tired too, goodnight, I love you."

Tom kissed her and said, "I love you too Sally. You know
this last couple of months has been great. Goodnight."

Tom rolled onto his side facing her, put his arm over her
chest and closed his eyes. She put her hands on his arm
and stared into the darkness, listening to her brother
breath. Soon she heard his breathing change and he snored

Sally smiled, moved her brother's arm, and turned around.
She pulled the covers from between the mattress and box
spring and draped them over the two of them. She lay down
with her face at his crotch and took his soft penis into
her mouth. She put her arm over his hips, closed her eyes,
and gently suckled him as she fell asleep.

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Monday, July 19, 2004

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